CX Day is October 5th… so what?

October 5, 2016
Posted by: Tristina Keith
To say that technology has disrupted the practice of customer experience (CX) management is an understatement. The advent of real-time software revolutionizes the way companies get feedback from consumers, democratizing data and empowering all levels of an organization from the front line to the C-Suite to take action against the information they receive. October 5th is CX Day. so what?®  ...
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The Media Merger that Wasn’t

February 29, 2016
Posted by: Peggy Einnehmer
I’ve learned a lot from savvy media consumers as a result of attending many focus groups over the years. (I’ve also eaten a lot of ...
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I Know It When I Feel It: Multisensory Survey Design

November 19, 2015
Posted by: Hilary DeCamp
I recently read an article in the New Yorker titled, “Accounting for Taste,” which details the research of Charles Spence, a professor of experimental psychology. ...
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TV Today: Too Much of a Good Thing?

September 2, 2015
Posted by: Peggy Einnehmer
Beginning this month, the broadcast networks will launch 37 new series, of which only a handful will be hits.  For better or worse, the fall ...
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VR for MR: A Case Study

June 5, 2015
Posted by: Jason Brooks
We’re just wrapping up the fielding portion of a groundbreaking, multi-market new customer experience test for H&R Block using Virtual Reality, aka, VR. Coming on ...
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I’ve seen the future. It’s on my wrist.

May 11, 2015
Posted by: Eric Asch
Musings on two weeks with the Apple Watch… Imagine my delight. As an unabashed (and occasionally and deservedly derided) early adopter, I ordered the Apple ...
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No Crystal Ball: Consumer Predictions in Surveys

April 8, 2015
Posted by: Collette Eccleston, PhD
In our surveys, we often ask respondents to predict the future. We don’t ask them to gaze into their crystal ball, but we ask them ...
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Don’t Be Fooled – Overcome Memory Limitations in Survey Response

April 1, 2015
Posted by: Collette Eccleston, PhD
On April Fools’ Day, you expect some pranks from your friends. You even expect a few jokes from your favorite brands. But you don’t expect ...
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Segmentation: Beyond Demographics

March 8, 2015
Posted by: Jennifer Valenzuela
Last week, The New York Times published an article about Fidelity Investments’ decision to customize their customer service approach based on the gender of the ...
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Drive Action with Bayesian Network Modeling

February 16, 2015
Posted by: Robert "Mick" McWilliams
Expert marketers know that to drive sales, you need to enhance brand perceptions and improve the most important aspects of customer experience. But what brand ...
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