Challenging the Status Quo: Bias in the NewMR

August 21, 2017
Posted by: Andrew Chizever
They say, “Old habits die hard.” My dad gave me a real-life understanding of this the other day. After a nice lunch together, he mentioned he needed to go to the bank to withdraw some cash. As we walked up to the bank and I headed to the ATM, I noticed he kept moving in a different direction – into ...
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Tell Us How You Really Feel… with Emoticons

June 7, 2016
Posted by: Trish Smyth
LRW just got Skype for Business as part of a broader technology upgrade. I like many of the features that came with our new tech, ...
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Mobile and Social: Researching the Millennial Mom

May 3, 2016
Posted by: Lori Collins-Jarvis
Marketers are eager to understand the behaviors, opinions and attitudes of the elusive Millennial moms. A lot has changed in marketing and research in the ...
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Fly on the Wall: New Ethnographic Approaches for MR

April 6, 2016
Posted by: Kim Schonfeld
Admit it. You’ve wished for the superhero capability of being invisible. What a researcher would do to be invisible! Imagine what you could discover by ...
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50 Shades of Green

February 18, 2015
Posted by: Peggy Einnehmer
While a spot-on release and marketing strategy led to impressive performance this past weekend, the success of Universal’s 50 Shades of Gray movie should not ...
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CX Design: How to Move an Elephant

October 28, 2014
Posted by: Lara Berman
You’re tasked with leading the process for redesigning your company’s customer experience. so what?  You’re excited! You’re honored! You’re terrified! Getting a large organization to ...
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Product Development: In Search of a Masterpiece

August 24, 2014
Posted by: Joan Cassidy
Innovate or die, we’re fond of saying, because although dramatic, it’s true that those who fail to remain inventive, industrious, and interesting to consumers inevitably ...
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Open-Ended Questions: The Comeback Kid

August 10, 2014
Posted by: Joan Cassidy
As researchers look for new methods to derive insights about consumers’ emotions and less-conscious thoughts and motivations, we should take a fresh look at the ...
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Small Things, Big Things

June 4, 2014
Posted by: Miriam Alexander
Listening to HOW someone says something is every bit as important as WHAT they say. Shonda Rhimes, the television genius behind Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal ...
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