Tell Us How You Really Feel… with Emoticons

June 7, 2016
Posted by: Trish Smyth
LRW just got Skype for Business as part of a broader technology upgrade. I like many of the features that came with our new tech, but my favorite, by far, is the collection of new (and animated!) emoticons at my disposal. Now, in addition to my traditional suite of smiling, laughing, and crying emoticons, I have a facepalm emoticon that ...
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Mobile and Social: Researching the Millennial Mom

May 3, 2016
Posted by: Lori Collins-Jarvis
Marketers are eager to understand the behaviors, opinions and attitudes of the elusive Millennial moms. A lot has changed in marketing and research in the ...
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Fly on the Wall: New Ethnographic Approaches for MR

April 6, 2016
Posted by: Kim Schonfeld
Admit it. You’ve wished for the superhero capability of being invisible. What a researcher would do to be invisible! Imagine what you could discover by ...
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50 Shades of Green

February 18, 2015
Posted by: Peggy Einnehmer
While a spot-on release and marketing strategy led to impressive performance this past weekend, the success of Universal’s 50 Shades of Gray movie should not ...
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CX Design: How to Move an Elephant

October 28, 2014
Posted by: Lara Berman
You’re tasked with leading the process for redesigning your company’s customer experience. so what?  You’re excited! You’re honored! You’re terrified! Getting a large organization to ...
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Product Development: In Search of a Masterpiece

August 24, 2014
Posted by: Joan Cassidy
Innovate or die, we’re fond of saying, because although dramatic, it’s true that those who fail to remain inventive, industrious, and interesting to consumers inevitably ...
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Open-Ended Questions: The Comeback Kid

August 10, 2014
Posted by: Joan Cassidy
As researchers look for new methods to derive insights about consumers’ emotions and less-conscious thoughts and motivations, we should take a fresh look at the ...
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Small Things, Big Things

June 4, 2014
Posted by: Miriam Alexander
Listening to HOW someone says something is every bit as important as WHAT they say. Shonda Rhimes, the television genius behind Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal ...
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