Are smartphones in your survey sample yet?

May 22, 2016
Posted by: Hilary DeCamp
If you want someone to do you a favor, you make it easy for them…right? Answering your survey is doing you a favor. Sure, there is often some financial incentive or drawing involved… but, for most consumers, that reward is too small to justify their time. People mostly do surveys to voice their opinions, influence product and service decisions, satisfy ...
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New World Demographics – Digigraphics

April 12, 2015
Posted by: Nick Kreider
It is high time we supplement, and, when necessary dare I say, replace the standard list of demographics we ask in surveys with what I ...
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Survey Design with Smartphones In Mind

March 16, 2015
Posted by: Hilary DeCamp
In a meeting today, someone said, “There’s no point in making this segmentation survey smartphone-friendly or shorter than 30 minutes, since no one would take ...
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Sorry Seth, Smart Sampling Works

January 14, 2015
Posted by: Hilary DeCamp
“If you survey 10,000 of your customers by email and 200 reply, what will you learn from the responses?” asks Seth Godin on his blog. ...
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