David Sackman Honored as Technology Visionary

Posted by: Joan Cassidy
  • March 25, 2015
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“I do not advocate adopting technology for technology’s sake. But when the advance enables us to enhance performance, achieve what was previously impossible, or elevate and better our process and products, it meets the criteria necessary to warrant adoption and integration.” – LRW CEO David Sackman in Survey Magazine, March 2015

Historically, LRW has not been quick to adopt new technology. We didn’t even have computers on all of our desks until the mid 1990’s. We’ve missed some opportunities. We’ve experienced setbacks while attempting to develop new software. Dave Sackman often stated that he didn’t understand technology.

Under Dave’s leadership, LRW innovated for years on behalf of our clients, project by project, business question by business question.  We investigated, experimented with and triumphed with major design, analytic and process innovations to solve client problems.  But our innovations were rarely technology driven.

So how did Dave go from in step to steps ahead?

The reality is that Dave, in his role as CEO, hasn’t needed to focus on zeros, ones, machines or new software features. Instead, for two decades, he’s looked at the burgeoning world around him and recognized the vast potential of technology to add value to the research process. Rather than allowing the latest shiny object to draw him in, he’s maintained a thoughtful approach to technology, and as usual it all comes down to two little words, “so what? ®”, which create the lens for exploration. Where’s the impact? Does it fit with the strategy?

A few years back, Dave heard about several innovative projects that LRW’s Jeremy Sack was working on with major clients. Experimental techniques were uncovering the less conscious and more emotional aspects of consumer decision making.  Dave saw the power of Jeremy’s ideas to fill that major void in the industry, and, along with Jeremy and LRW’s President Jeff Reynolds, founded the Pragmatic Brain Science Institute®. LRW began developing a suite of new technologies to measure the previously immeasurable. It’s been exciting and transformative both for our own business and our clients’, as well.

Not long thereafter, while working with academics from UC, Santa Barbara and Stanford, Dave was introduced to Virtual Reality. Dave’s imagination was sparked from the moment the head-mounted display slipped over his eyes. He immediately began development of Virtual Reality applications to transform market research, marketing and business, in general. But Dave’s desires go deeper than the commercial realm. Dave saw in those early moments how Virtual Reality could actually, and incredibly, transform lives for the better. That’s the ultimate dream, and LRW marches on toward that goal.

Dave won the honor of 2015 Technology Visionary not because he’s setting every trend, but because he sees how technology can create meaningful impact.

Everyone at LRW is excited and proud to see Dave’s leadership recognized, and to be part of a vision that is impacting the entire marketing research industry. Congratulations, Dave!

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  • Frank Chipman
    March 25, 2015
    Our growth in the VR space is both unexpected and inspiring. LRW continues to surprise me in good ways.

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