I’ve seen the future. It’s on my wrist.

Posted by: Eric Asch
  • May 11, 2015
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apple_watch_blogMusings on two weeks with the Apple Watch…

Imagine my delight. As an unabashed (and occasionally and deservedly derided) early adopter, I ordered the Apple Watch on April 10 – the day it became available for online purchase. With an immediately-generated e-mail, Apple promised it would ship in June. Yet, a mere two weeks later, April 24th, the official release date, it arrived at my office, ready for unboxing and use. This was an extreme case of under-promise and over-delivery.

In the couple of weeks I’ve worn the Watch, its greatest benefit is that I’m now noticeably less tethered to my iPhone than before. Texts, calls, alerts, and important e-mails now notify me with a haptic tap on the wrist. Do I still pore over my iPhone to ensure I’ve not missed something? Sure. But a good bit less than before.  And, no more need for a FitBit or a Jawbone Up; the Watch handles all that too.

But also in these couple of weeks, the importance and future of wearable technology has become clear to me too. I predict that the day when you can’t do without wrist-wearable technology is quickly approaching. Consider:

  • Without wrist-wearable technology monitoring your health and vitals – and alerting you and your doctor to them – you may need to pay more for health insurance because now you’re higher-risk.
  • More importantly, without wrist technology “listening” to your body, important warning signs of medical problems may go undetected. With wearable technology, you may live longer!
  • Without wearable technology, you may miss notifications from an elderly parent whose own wrist technology monitors their health and alerts others to important health events.
  • Without it, you’ll also be unable to communicate with household appliances and security devices linked to your router/network and operating from voice commands.
  • And without a wearable, you may end up as a luddite relying on physical credit cards, keys, and boarding passes, all of which can reside on your wrist.

While this seems like early-adopter territory at the moment, it wasn’t all that long ago that the idea of sending mail from your phone seemed unnecessary. Watch the Watch. The mash-up of big data and artificial intelligence – all on a wearable device – will undoubtedly influence everyday human existence.

  • Malc Cowle
    May 11, 2015
    I read the above and immediately instructed my son to cancel the order he had placed as my birthday present.
  • Joan
    May 11, 2015
    Today, most of our lives are lived offline and we "go" online. Soon enough, the lines will be blurred, opening humanity up to new opportunities and likely new challenges. I am waiting for my box to arrive so I can sneak a peak at the future, too!

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