Do You Have a “Fresh Remote” Problem? A Curious Case of Customer Experience

August 14, 2017
Posted by: Jason Brooks
Upon checking into a particular hotel of a brand I had never stayed in before, I noticed on the nightstand a little white translucent bag labeled “Fresh Remote.” Sure enough, I could see the TV remote hermetically sealed inside. I immediately found myself in a paranoid state of questioning the cleanliness of my entire room rather than reflecting fondly on ...
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Brand Identity: Add Value Through Shared Values

June 7, 2017
Posted by: Jessica Cornick, PhD
In this blog series on creating Identity Overlap with consumers, we introduced Jane the Consumer, who, like other consumers, has an identity that is multi-faceted ...
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Unearth Seismic Shifts with NewMR Tools

November 9, 2015
Posted by: Frank Zinni
In their article A Seismic Shift in How People Eat, The New York Times announced that, “Eating habits are changing across the country and food ...
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Meet the Joneses. Your Customers Have.

April 1, 2014
Posted by: Joan Cassidy
My son the college student returned home for spring break the other day, a large duffle bag of laundry in tow. He seemed taller to ...
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