Brand Identity: A Community Experience

July 5, 2017
Posted by: Jessica Cornick, PhD
Meet Jane: registered nurse, Instagrammer, and “dance mom”; she uses Burt’s Bees, drives a hybrid SUV and works out at Planet Fitness. Jane, like all people, has a need to belong, and so she belongs to a variety of groups; some she has joined and some she has formed, some she joined in actuality and some she joined because she ...
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Brand Identity: Add Value Through Shared Values

June 7, 2017
Posted by: Jessica Cornick, PhD
In this blog series on creating Identity Overlap with consumers, we introduced Jane the Consumer, who, like other consumers, has an identity that is multi-faceted ...
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Brand Identity: Galvanizing an “Us”

May 31, 2017
Posted by: Jessica Cornick, PhD
In our last blog, we met Jane the Consumer. Jane is wife, mother, registered nurse, Instagram user, and “dance mom.” Companies that want Jane’s business ...
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T-shirts & Tattoos: A Lesson in Identity Branding

April 3, 2017
Posted by: Chris Elsbury
My wife and I recently hired a contractor to help us renovate our home. Before the ink had dried on the contract, our contractor presented ...
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Election 2016: Appealing to the BASE

November 1, 2016
Posted by: Jessica Cornick, PhD
Pew Research recently argued that 2016 is a critical election year because Millennials outnumber Baby Boomers for the first time with 126 million eligible Millennial ...
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Happy Holidays from LRW

December 21, 2015
Posted by: Trish Smyth
Since Black Friday, we’ve been wearing out our clicker-fingers browsing through ecommerce deals, straining our thumbs swiping through mobile shopping apps, and over-extending our shoulders ...
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Mapping the Pathways to Nirvana

November 17, 2015
Posted by: Hrag Balian
There is a quiet revolution taking place among a minority of marketing researchers.  This revolution, noble and ambitious in its cause, is aimed at undermining ...
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There Are Many Pathways to Nirvana

November 12, 2015
Posted by: Frank Zinni
A recent essay, by Dr. Stephen Needel, in Greenbook, entitled “Is the Path to Purchase the Road to Perdition?” caught my attention. In it Dr. ...
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Unearth Seismic Shifts with NewMR Tools

November 9, 2015
Posted by: Frank Zinni
In their article A Seismic Shift in How People Eat, The New York Times announced that, “Eating habits are changing across the country and food ...
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What’s in your book bag?

July 11, 2013
Posted by: Joan Cassidy
‘Tis the season of travel, sun and fun…even for researchers. Diving into that stack of books you’ve been meaning to get to remains one of ...
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