The Big Ideas from the Media Insights and Engagement Conference

February 12, 2018
Posted by: Alex Steging
After four thought-provoking days at the Media Insights and Engagement Conference, I’m struck by the recurring theme echoed in nearly every presentation (and which Oscar-winning producer Dana Brunetti adroitly addressed in his keynote speech and Q&A with our own Peggy Einnehmer): disruption in the media industry is here, and we – researchers, marketers, distributors and programmers – need to embrace ...
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TV Today: Too Much of a Good Thing?

September 2, 2015
Posted by: Peggy Einnehmer
Beginning this month, the broadcast networks will launch 37 new series, of which only a handful will be hits.  For better or worse, the fall ...
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1000 Channels and Nothin’ On

July 7, 2014
Posted by: Peggy Einnehmer
Content curation is a hot topic these days, but I’ve yet to see something that makes it easy for viewers to (1) find the content ...
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Market Research: Innovation or Extermination?

January 22, 2013
Posted by: Joan Cassidy
Business is moving at warp speed, technology disrupting, new sources producing countless bytes of data, and we’re all tangled up in social networks. It’s 2013 ...
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