“so what?®” is the Formula for Success

July 29, 2015
Posted by: Joan Cassidy
In a recent blog, titled What the LRW Investment Means for the Market Research Industry, Lenny Murphy of Gen2Avisors and editor of the GreenBook blog, heralded LRW’s growth plans as a “formula for success.”  We certainly hope he’s right! We’re confident he’s not alone in his thinking, given our recent announcement that LRW raised significant growth capital from Tailwind Capital, ...
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Yes, Frankie, Kristin Luck is Influential

September 9, 2014
Posted by: Joan Cassidy
And so are Betty Adamou, Katie Clark and Diane Hessan. We start with a hat tip to Ray Poynter and Lenny Murphy for bringing the ...
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Joy or Gnashing Teeth: The Future of MR

June 13, 2013
Posted by: Scott Luck
The debate rages on: will the mainstream of the market research industry be able to adapt to the rapid pace of change, much of this ...
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